November edition:

Leinenkugels Big Eddy (#2)

It’s been a couple years since Leinie’s released Big Eddy, a Russian Imperial Stout (the first and only was released in 2007).  It’s named after the Big Eddy spring that flows through Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, home of the Leinenkugel’s brewing. Todd (from Beer Advocate) provides this history on the varietal:

Known among the grandest of all beer styles, the Russian Imperial Stout style was originally created in nineteenth century England to impress the Imperial Czarist court of Russia. The beer was brewed with high alcohol content and generous quantities of hops to preserve it against the elements on its grueling journey across the Baltic Sea.

Since it came in on the first, we’ve already gone through 7 cases (considering it’s $12.99 for a 4pk, that’s pretty awesome).

Founders Harvest Ale

Out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Founders Brewing Co. has emerged as one of the premier innovative craft breweries in the country. Harvest Ale, available only through the month of November, is exemplary of their finely-tuned brews–in their own words,

This liquid dream pours a hazy golden orange straw color with a white, two-finger head. Your first sip of this beer rewards you with a super juicy hop presence bursting with citrus, then finishes to introduce toasted malt undertones.

And it’s available for a limited time at Chicone’s Liquor Mart, so stop in and get one…or both. November only!