(Google the title if you don’t get it).

For those who missed out on the 4th Annual Oktoberfest Cruise, do not fear. Here comes a photo play-by-play of the night.



As a special treat, Rush River poured their not-yet-bottled brown ale for cruise attendees. That's our fearless leader, Nater, AKA "The Beard," gettin' it done.






Intrepid duo Doug & Dom preparing for the onslaught. T-10 minutes til boarding!



"Hi there, welcome on board. Here is your complimentary tasting glass. There's beer on all 3 levels, so feel free to meander around until dinner is served."



It was UNSEASONABLY warm (like, 80+ degrees). So naturally, most of the 189 people worked their way to the open-air 3rd level, and the 30+ beers available for tasting.



Our friends from Lift Bridge, located in Stillwater, MN!



Mark of Sand Creek Brewing Co. doing what he does best: beer.



Midway through the cruise, dinner is served. It's a nice way to settle in with old or new friends. Like these fine folks.



This is Mike Lewis, an old bud of Chicone's. Mike, what are you doing, filling out all those entries for prizes...?



One of the most popular tables on the boat, "Polecat" from Schell's and Richie from Chicone's served up both beer and tattoos. Yup. Tattoos.



Finally. The part of the Oktoberfest that really drives it home: The Squires. They do everything from Elvis to polkas to that Einz Zwei Drei PROST! chant.


So, this definitely ensures that you’ll hop on board next year, right? It’s a fun time with lots of people. Apparently, it’s becoming something of a popular event, so be sure to buy your tickets early. Chicone’s hosts a few other cruises with our Afton Cruise Lines peeps, with the next one coming up in May for Cinco de Mayo. So put away the G’suffas and get ready. Er, I mean…arriba!