We’re happy to report to no longer be suffering from a dearth of Dogfish Head–stop in / e-mail for current inventory–but we’re still waiting on some old favorites.  In case you’re also sad and missing your friendly, dogfish-y brews, here’s what’s up. As the tag says, “No Bitches in Michigan” which could also go for Wisco. But we all knew that already, right?

The good folks in Michigan just rejected our label submission for Bitches Brew. That’s the beer we are doing with Sony to celebrate the 40th anniversary if the eponymous Miles Davis album (it’ll be out towards the end of August). Apparently, they don’t like the word ‘bitches.’

Stay tuned as we work to get this stuff in-state. Maybe we need to do a “Boardwalk Empire”-style run-it-in-hot kinda racket!